TeXnology offers book production as one of its services.
Often this takes the form of working with an author generated set of LaTeX files and .eps illustrations, and turning a barely acceptable output into a finished and professional looking pdf file, with embedded fonts, correctly sized illustrations and handsome tables.

Some books have benefited from as little as 7 hours work to produce the final 300 page book, much to the satisfaction of both the author and the publishing company.

Other projects may be more difficult, and thus more time consuming, such as a recent 1000 page medical edited book whose original text was partly in Word documents that needed to be translated to LaTeX.

Still others have requirements that involve writing a macro file to implement the requested style.

We have the experience and capability to turn any LaTeX material into a handsome book with a professional appearance, and guarantee that you'll find the output satisfying.

Click here to see sample pages from two of the many books we've produced:
Introduction to Linear Algebra by Gilbert Strang
and Cellular Automata: A Discrete View of the World by Joel Schiff

We can also offer author support so that the author can do much of the work towards producing their own book.

We've produced many hundreds of books for publishers such as

John Wiley & Sons
Academic Press
MIT Press
Prentice Hall

and many others.

Let us know how we can help you!

--Amy Hendrickson
617 738-8029