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We can provide a design for any kind of document
you might need.

e-Journal Designs for MIT Press: 
Click on the images below to see sample pages for several e-journal samples.
Design and LaTeX implementation by TeXnology. Logos supplied by the Press.


e-Journal:  Click on the image below to see an e-journal featuring work by scientists at the Institute for Advanced Study, Technische Universität München, Germany. You'll find many active links. Design and LaTeX implementation by TeXnology.

Software Documentation:  Click on the image below to see sample pages for Software Documentation, to format 2000 + pages of documentation for Cytel software.

Instructional Manual: Click on image to see sample pages.
Design and implementation for instructional manual for Think Tank Learning, a California company that trains students in taking SAT and ACT tests.
This version of the manual is made for the instructor, so correct answers are marked with a red square. The student version will not have the answer marked.

Book Design: Click on image to see sample pages on Amazon.
Series of books published by Pearson, by Prof. Thomas W. Miller, Faculty Director of Northwestern University's Predictive Analytics Program, who kindly wrote in the preface to this book:
"Amy Hendrickson of TEXnology Inc. applied her craft, making words, tables, and figures look beautiful in print—another victory for open source. Thanks to Donald Knuth [the author of TeX software] and to the TeX/LaTeX community for their contributions to this wonderful system for typesetting and communication."


Can we help with a design for your project?

Journals, books, instruction manuals, documentation, or other kinds of text may be designed as well as implemented in LaTeX. Please get in touch if you have any questions,

Amy Hendrickson
617 738-8029