E-Publishing Samples

Swiss Software Company, Netcetera
Sample Pages

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science
Single Column Journal
Two Column Journal   

Style includes LaTeX commands that prelink for PDF:
CreditMetrics Monitor, a journal to be published on-line in PDF as well as in print.

Euro-Mediteraneo Centre for Climate Change
Complex Report Style
Book Style

Wiley Handbook Style
Sample Pages
Author Documentation

Software Documentation

MIT Press
distinctive book design:
illustrations embedded in text, interesting use of margin
Street-Fighting Mathematics

Design by author; LaTeX implementation by TeXnology

Federal Reserve Bank, Richmond
Journal design:
Economic Quarterly

Imperial College Press
Geometric Mechanics,
Parts I and II
Darryl D. Holm
Sample Pages

Cellular Automata:
A Discrete View of the World
Joel L. Schiff
Sample Pages
Great Illustrations

American Geophysical Union (AGU)
AGUTEX: One style file with capability to format any of Nine AGU Journals
AGU Sample Pages
and AGU Documentation

Wiley, Weinheim, Germany
Math Book Style
Sample Pages

An interesting two color book style using the colored screens with cutouts to emphasize important points.
Introduction to Linear Algebra
Author: Gilbert Strang
Wellesley-Cambridge Press
Selected Titles
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TeXnology Macros