LaTeX macro writing is our primary activity.

The style files that we produce are used for book and journal production, database publishing, software documentation, slides, and other custom applications. Macro sets may include PostScript code for design elements and color, and/or PDFmark commands used to generate sophisticated PDF.

Macro Packages for Books and Journals
LaTeX Templates for Authors

We produce a complete LaTeX package for publishers of books and journals, to be used by many authors, following the specifications provided by the publishing company.

We can implement ANY design, using the combination of LaTeX and PostScript -- and encourage adventurous designers to make use of this flexibility.

Samples of some styles we've implemented are found here:
Sample Pages

Macro Set documentation distributed in PDF:
Wiley Handbook Documentation for Authors  

The author template package includes:

- LaTeX class file implementing the specified style
- PostScript font file that authors may customize
- Sample file demonstrating each new macro written
- Template file to make entering the commands easy for authors
- Documentation in PDF.

These files may be made available to the authors for download from the publishers' website.

Author support is an optional service, since some authors may have additional requirements for customization of the macro set, or may need some assistance with questions that they may have in the process of producing their document.

Production Staff Support We offer support to the production staff as well, as they need additional help, or want to add new features to their macro sets, or implement a new book style.

Macro sets we have produced have been used for years
by John Wiley & Sons Publishers,  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond,  and many other organizations. The American Geophysical Society  commissioned the AGUTeX  package, a two-column journal style to be used by eight AGU journals and AGU authors world wide. See About for a client list and more information.