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We offer customized on-site LaTeX training.

We've had years of experience teaching LaTeX-- for publishing companies, scientific associations, TeX User's Group, Harvard Math Department, Harvard School of Public Health, MIT, and many other locations all over the US and in the Netherlands and Sweden.

Some companies that have commissioned a TeXnology LaTeX macro package also ask for training to help their staff work with the new style, and to become comfortable with using LaTeX. This was the case, for example, with American Geophysical Union, the National Academy of Science, American Meteorological Society, the Federal Reserve Bank, Richmond, and Kluwer Academic Press.

Some organizations ask for LaTeX training for their support staff. Examples include: National Bureau of Economic Research, Carnegie Mellon Software Enterprise Institute, Oak Ridge National Lab, Pacific Northwest National Lab, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science, MIT Lincoln Lab, MIT Press and MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab.

Academic departments have asked for training for their support staff, at Harvard and MIT in particular. We've taught a Beginning LaTeX course for MIT Information Services for the MIT support staff more than 20 times.

Please let us know if you or your staff members would like to attend a future course. info@texnology.com

Typical Beginning LaTeX Class
Instructor: Amy Hendrickson

Five sessions, 3 hours each:

1. Basic Syntax, Grouping, Beginning Math, Listing, Cross Referencing, Understanding Error Messages

2. Everything You Need to Know About Math

3. All About Tables, Illustrations

4. Making a Bibliography, Index, Sample Report

5. Beginning Macro Writing

6. Using Tikz, Color, and Making Hyperlinked E-Documents

Course Notes, Hands On Exercises.

A customized course may be arranged to be taught at your site, meeting the particular needs of your staff. The MIT course is held on five mornings. Classes outside the Boston area are usually held for three days with morning and afternoon sessions.

We can meet the needs of your organization both in terms of scheduling and in terms of the content of the course.

We have more than 200 pages of course material prepared, and can adapt it for the needs of your organization.

We're happy to discuss your situation and what subset of LaTeX training would be most useful for your staff.

-- Amy Hendrickson
617 738-8029

Click on the image below to get a pdf of the full section on making tables, from our course notes. We hope this demonstrates how clearly LaTeX can be explained to the new user.