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Complete Packages for Print and E-Publishing

LaTeX macro writing is our primary activity.
With 30 years experience producing LaTeX packages, we expect to be undaunted by any request and welcome adventurous project proposals.

We can provide you with a LaTeX package for

   - Book or Journal production
   - Database publishing
   - Software documentation
   - Slides, posters, and other custom applications.

Macro sets may include PostScript code for design elements and color, and/or PDFmark commands, as well as TIKZ (a meta-PostScript language that can be embedded in a .tex file), to generate sophisticated PDF.

Macro sets and documentation may be made available to authors for download from the publisher's website.

We can...

1. Develop a LaTeX macro set according to your specifications:
Any style is possible. See links at the top of the page for examples.

2. Provide the design:
Following your description for a general look and feel of the desired document, we can provide both the visual design and LaTeX code implementation.

3. Build in hyperlinking and other e-publishing features:
You can let us know what active linking functions you'd like in the final document and we can include the capability for those functions in our code.

Innovation is our speciality. Let us know what you need and we will find a way to produce the results.

4. Provide documentation for authors:
We can write and format author documentation to help authors enter mark-up correctly.

Custom Macro Packages

We welcome requests for any kind of macro package--
One that will take advantage of the LaTeX/TikZ/PDF partnership,
database publishing, software documentation, or any other speciality you have in mind.

See an example of LaTeX/TikZ/PDF working together:
Data Visualization

And more innovative uses of LaTeX programming:

How Can We Help You?

We'd be glad to discuss any project with you, whether you need a LaTeX .cls file for your authors, you would like macros for E-Publishing books or journals, if you have an application in mind for LaTeX/PDF automated report generation -- or more -- please get in touch by clicking on the blue link below.

-- Amy

617 738-8029

Amy Hendrickson
TeXnology Inc.
57 Longwood Avenue
Brookline, MA 02446